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About Us

IntelleTek Law Group, PLLC is a boutique IP firm based in New York, NY, which serves clients in matters related to intellectual property. 


The ability to provide patent preparation and prosecution services at the highest quality is rooted in our Engineering backgrounds.  Indeed, one of the pillars of our practice is our technical experience.  Our attorneys have advanced engineering degrees and a substantial amount of engineering industry experience, which enable us to quickly obtain an in-depth knowledge of the relevant technology to identify the inventive concept and craft the broadest possible claims.  Our industry, science, and research experience allow us to establish an effective relationship with the inventors, which makes the application process seamless.


Our lawyers represent clients before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and have considerable experience working together with those clients to obtain valuable U.S. patents.  In addition, we have working relationships with outside U.S. based intellectual property firms, which allows us to direct development of patent rights and obtain patents throughout the world for our clients.

Our vision is to leverage our extensive technical background with our many years of IP experience, to provide the most cost effective patent preparation and prosecution for our clients.

We serve small, medium size, and Fortune 500 companies.

IntelleTek Law Group PLLC is a minority owned firm and we take pride in our diversity.

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